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Control Logic: The Most Trusted Provider for ABB Robotics and Other Automation Solutions in Adelaide, Perth and throughout Australia

From Perth to Adelaide and beyond, there's a reason that so many industrial clients throughout Australia seek out Control Logic when they have a problem that needs to be solved with ABB robotics or other automation products. We have been in the automation business since 1981, and in that time, we have not only opened seven different locations throughout Australia, but we have also built relationships with the majority of the biggest automation and robotics company in the world. So whether your company is in need of ABB-brand automation in Adelaide, or Panasonic-brand automation in Perth, we have the contacts, the resources and the localised business focus to provide it.

The Most Products with the Best Brands

When it comes to the automation industry, experience and longevity is worth its weight in gold. That statement is true for a number of reasons, not least because the most experienced and longest-lasting company is going to naturally have the widest network of different brand providers and products in the automation, electrical and safety spheres.

In Australia, Control Logic is the longest-lasting and most experienced automation company, and that fact is reflected in the sheer size of our network and our product catalogue. First of all, we have global partnerships with the vast majority of the biggest names in automation. It doesn’t matter if the brand you have in mind is Panasonic, Red Lion, Puls, GE, Novaris or ABB: if you are shopping in Australia, Control Logic is the place to come for automation products from those brands.

Control Logic's partnerships with nearly 30 different brands combine to form one of the biggest product catalogues on the market. To give a ballpark, we have over 100,000 different products in our catalogue from the above brands and others, ranging from Ethernet switches to temperature controllers to variable speed drives and beyond.

An Expert Staff for ABB in Perth and Adelaide

The size of Control Logic's brand network and product catalogues alone make us one of the most sought-after automatic and electrical manufacturing firms in Australia. But our clients don't just choose to work with us—or return for our services repeatedly—because we have the biggest selection products. On the contrary, when a client is considering a GE SCADA system in Adelaide or an ABB circuit breaker in Perth, they call us because we are the most knowledgeable company on the block.

Indeed, at Control Logic, we are known as trusted experts in the automation field. Many of our sales engineers have been working for us for decades, and that means that they have the expertise to advise different clients on which products or brands to choose. In the automation industry, there is no such thing as 'one size fits all,' but our salesmen and women do great work in demystifying these products for clients, and in helping narrow down the daunting product catalogue to a few potential purchase items. Best of all, we also provide after-sales support, so that you will never buy a product from us and then be out of luck if it doesn't work as it should.

Interested in learning more about Control Logic, or in seeing what sort of Altro or ABB products we have to offer in Australia? Check out our website today, at!