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Variable Speed Drives and other Products from ABB Available in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

Over the years, ABB has become one of the most trusted sources for variable speed drives and other automation products. Suffice to say that, when an industrial company has an assembly line that needs to be able to run at numerous different speeds for different products or applications, ABB's industry-best variable speed drives are the solution. And at Control Logic, we are Australia's premier supplier for ABB products, from Brisbane to Melbourne and beyond.

Getting to Know ABB for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Clients

Since opening our doors nearly 35 years ago, we at Control Logic have established worldwide partnerships and relationships with many of the biggest and best automation brands in the world. ABB is absolutely one of these, and they have been one of our most valued partners for the majority of the time that we have been in business.

Quite simply, it's rare for a company to do automation better than ABB, and that's why their variable speed drives are used so universally in factories and warehouses around the world. At Control Logic, we have helped countless Australian companies with their ABB product needs, whether those needs involved an ABB variable speed drive in Melbourne, or a circuit breaker in Sydney.

Some clients forget it, but ABB is actually more than just the variable speed drives that they have built their name on. Indeed, the company also provides manual motor starters, contactors, load break switches and more. At Control Logic, we think it speaks to the quality of this brand that we so often find ourselves solving client automation problems with something out of the ABB catalogue!

A Versatile Automation Supplier

Are your automation needs something that can't be solved with an ABB variable speed drive? Have no fear: Control Logic can help you regardless. We've put together a comprehensive catalogue of automation, electrical and safety products, to the point where we can now help any Australian company with virtually any kind of automation problem. We want to be the automation supplier that you can count on for anything, and from relays and timers to energy management systems, we believe you will find the answer to your problem in our product catalogue!

Being an Australia-wide distributor is important to us, as well. Since 1986, Control Logic has expanded to seven locations. Today, we serve Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Geelong, Perth and Adelaide—all locally. We have also helped countless clients in surrounding towns and suburbs, so don’t think that you can't give us a call if you aren't based in one of these cities! At very least, our sales engineers can always answer your questions and help to point you towards the product or brand that you need.

As an Australia owned and operated company, it's important to us at Control Logic that we serve the entire country. So give us a call today! Whether you're looking for an ABB variable speed drive in Melbourne, an Ethernet network in Sydney or a thermal management system in Brisbane, you can bet that we will be able to help. Reach us via telephone at 1800 557 705, or visit our website at to take a closer look at our products and services.