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Get ABB Variable Speed Drives and Other Automation Gear from Control Logic in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

If you have an automation gear need in Australia, then Logic Control is absolutely the best company to service that need. With seven locations across Australia (including offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney), and with a product catalogue that includes 100,000 different items, we can meet your automation need no matter what it is!

Since being founded in 1981, Logic Control has grown from being a locally owned and operated Brisbane business, to being one of the leading suppliers for automation equipment nationwide. We work with thousands of different clients each year, from a range of different fields and industries, and have dozens of brand partnerships across the globe. Suffice to say that, whether you need an ABB variable speed drive in Melbourne, or a selection of networking equipment in Sydney, Logic Control can provide it.

Peace of Mind

What has allowed Logic Control to grow and thrive so much over the past 35 years, though, is not simply the fact that we operate a bunch of locations, or that we have a massive product catalogue. What sets us apart from other suppliers of automation gear is that we cultivate personal relationships with our clients and give them 100% peace of mind that the purchases they are making are the right ones.

Any number of companies could sell you an ABB variable speed drive in Brisbane or Melbourne. It takes a special kind of company to help you understand the unique qualities and characteristics of different automation brands, and to give you self-assurance that you have chosen a quality product.

At Logic Control, we will ensure you of your product quality in a number of ways. First, know that we only ever work with the best brands, and when it comes to variable speed drives—in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world—no brand is better than ABB. From assembly lines to industrial water systems, ABB is the world's leading brand for variable speed drives. The fact that companies around the world are using these drives—for a wide range of different applications no less—should alone give you comfort and confidence in your purchase.

Secondly, know that Logic Control only hires the best people. Across our seven offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Geelong, Perth and Adelaide, we have employed a team of 40-some sales engineers who are all experts at what they do. Every member of our sales staff knows our product catalogue and our brand partners backwards and forwards, and will be able to help you choose the right product for your uses. Additionally, we offer ongoing support after the sale has been finalised, so that you don't ever have to worry about being stuck with a faulty, incorrect or otherwise unsatisfactory product.

Order an ABB Variable Speed Drive in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne Today

Ready to start your partnership with Control Logic? Give us a call today, at 1800 557 705! One of our sales engineers will be happy to assist you with whatever you need!