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Logic Control Australia: Fully Licensed and Certified to Sell ABB VSD and Other Automation Equipment in Adelaide and Perth

At Logic Control, we don't just specialise in supplying ABB VSD (variable speed drives) to clients in Adelaide, Perth and throughout Australia. Sure, it's our job to offer the best in automation equipment, and ABB is definitely a brand that can be considered among 'the best.' But it's also our job to provide our clients with the best service, to create a safe workplace for our sales team and to operate our business in such a way that is environmentally friendly. And with a number of different national certifications, we are happy to say that we are meeting each one of these responsibilities with aplomb.

Quality Management Certification for ABB VSD and other Product Offerings in Perth and Adelaide

When you reach out to Logic Control for a new ABB VSD in Australia (or any other automation product, for that matter), you can expect the very best service in the industry. Not only do we always make sure to hire the best people and to engender a passionate and knowledgeable atmosphere, but we are also ISO-9001 certified. In other words, we have gone to great lengths to make sure that our 'products and services constantly meet customers' requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.'

The ISO, or the International Organization for Standardization, has laid forth a number of standards for quality management, and Logic Control has met them and gained certification from the 163-country standards organization. Because of this ISO-9001 certification, clients can know that our products and practices are not just exemplary in Adelaide or Perth, or even just in Australia as a whole, but around the entire globe. Said another way, our services are simply world-class.

Other Certifications

In addition to our quality management certification through the International Organization for Standardization, Logic Control has also sought additional certifications in other areas.

First of all, we have obtained our OHSMS (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) certification to ensure a safe workplace for our employees. When you call and chat with one of our sales engineers about ABB VSD in Perth or Adelaide, we hope it comes across how much our people love their jobs. Our people love what they do and love the products that they sell, and we just want to make sure that they are kept as safe, happy and healthy as possible during their work at Logic Control.

Lastly, we took the time to have our environmental management systems checked and certified by experts. Many of the industrial clients we work with at Logic Control are doing their part to reduce pollution and protect the environment, and as a core provider for ABB VSD and other automation equipment in Australia, we believe it is our duty to do the same.

Bottom line, we at Logic Control believe that the best and most trustworthy companies should take steps to guarantee the quality of their products or services, the safety of their workers and the protection of the world around us. Since 1981, Logic Control has strived to be the best in Australia's automation industry, and we hope our certifications reflect just how much we care.