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Control Logic, Your Go-To Source For Energy Management Products From CETA In Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney

Businesses across Australia seek the highest quality energy management products and can find those made by CETA at the Brisbane firm, Control Logic. The company, which was founded in 1981, has seven different locations around Australia, including Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Control Logic is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of electrical, industrial, and automation products, services, and solutions. The company services thousands of customers across the nation from electrical contractors to OEMs, engineering firms, mining operations, and gas utilities. With over three decades of industry experience, Control Logic provides companies with a wide range of the best products on the market as well as a commitment to pre-sale and after-sale support. Control Logic will assist your business with the solution that your firm desires.

Why Choose CETA In Sydney

No matter where your operation is located, it may be able to benefit from the use of CETA brand products. The company is, of course, a worldwide distributor of energy related software and hardware that is designed to help firms increase their energy savings all while meeting regulatory standards and environmental initiatives. The CETA product portfolio includes a variety of communication devices, energy meters, and energy managing software. The staff at Control Logic is always ready and willing to assist customers with locating the right product based upon its application.

Customers can check out the latest offerings from CETA at the Control Logic website, There is a wealth of information on the website including the latest whitepaper release. Customers can also rely on the vast product knowledge of the Control Logic staff to help them in finding the right CETA products for their operation.

The Control Logic Advantage

Businesses around Australia continue to choose the electrical and automation experts at Control Logic. The company has always understood that no two customers are alike. They all have different needs and, as a result, need to have options when it comes to things like energy related products, for example. Gas utilities and mining companies need to have choices and Control Logic gives them that opportunity with its huge product catalogue. Whatever the application, Control Logic has a solution.

The highly trained and experienced staff at Control Logic gives customers a huge advantage when trying to find the appropriate solution. Control Logic spends a great deal of time on recruiting, training, and keeping the best people in the business. Many of the company’s sales engineers have been with the company for many years. That experience added to their passion and enthusiasm for assisting customers is one of the big reasons why Control Logic has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry.

For your total industrial, electrical, or automation solution, choose Australia’s best – Control Logic. The company has a huge inventory of high quality products, including those by CETA for Melbourne operations, and offers customers the benefit of extensive pre-sale and after-sale support. All of this comes at very competitive prices to which the thousands of Control Logic customers can attest. To learn more about how Control Logic can assist your business, visit the company online at or call directly at 1800 557 705.