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Choose From A Variety Of DC Power Supplies For Perth, Adelaide, And Other Businesses Across Australia At Control Logic

Operations from Adelaide to Perth and all across Australia continuously seek DC power supplies. Businesses across the country trust the experts at Control Logic to help them find the industrial, electrical, and automation products that suit their needs. The company has been operating since 1981 and remains committed to providing the highest quality products as well as a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. The highly trained and experienced staff at Control Logic not only helps companies select the correct DC power supplies for their Perth operations, but also provides after-sales support. It is the passionate people behind the scenes at Control Logic and their expertise that are the key to the company’s success.

When You Need DC Power Supplies In Australia

For all of your power supply needs, consult the country’s leader in electrical products. Control Logic services electrical contractors, wholesalers, OEMs, engineering consultants, and many more offering them a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of power supply products. The company’s product catalogue is extremely diverse with over 100,000 products across 17 broad categories. Along with power supplies, customers can choose from networking equipment, digital displays, programmable logic controllers, variable speed drives, and many more. Control Logic understands that no two businesses are the same and may require unique solutions. With a vast product catalogue, customers have the ability to choose the right solution that suits their needs.

Customers also get the benefit of a wealth of technical product knowledge from the staff at Control Logic. Sure, technology is great, but there’s more to it. The passionate and enthusiastic staff at Control Logic strive to provide customers with the best solutions so that they may be successful. The company works long and hard on finding and training the best and brightest people, including many who have been with the company for several years. Their level of expertise is unrivalled and a big reason why Control Logic is well regarded as a leader in the industry.

More Than Just DC Power Supplies in Adelaide

Control Logic works to ensure its customers work in safe environments. While everyone deserves a safe working environment, the TUV-certified safety engineers at Control Logic can design machine safety systems to fit a customer’s setup. The design will be easy to operate and maintain and will be compliant. Customers can also receive lockout/tagout services, standard operating procedures, and safety training.

Along with safety services, Control Logic also holds hands-on product training workshops where customers can learn everything they need to know about their new solution. The workshops are run by industry specialists and can be held at a customer’s site or classroom style at one of Control Logic’s locations. Customers will reap the benefits of a wealth of product knowledge including the latest in best practices.

For a complete, total solution that includes your choice of top quality products and outstanding service, visit Control Logic online at or call the company directly at 1800 557 705 to speak to an expert.