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Why Choose Control Logic for Ignition Protection Systems and Explosion Protection Technology in NT

On the job explosions is something that every operation wants to avoid. The right explosion protection system in NT can make a huge difference in overall production in any industrial setting as well as any small workshop. Control Logic is one of Australia's leading suppliers of electrical, industrial, and automation products and services. Our product line includes explosion protection technology from such world leaders as Stahl. Our name is well known in NT and the rest of Australia as we continue to provide our customers with outstanding quality products and solutions that keep their working environments safe and fully operational. We have extensive experience in the industry having started in 1981 and having served thousands of customers around the nation since our inception.

The Dangers in an Industrial Setting

Hazardous locations can exist in any setting given the right conditions for a fire or explosion to occur. Some areas are more hazardous than others. Those buildings or areas where there are flammable liquids gases, and combustible dusts and fibres are more susceptible to explosion. An ignition source must be present as well. In areas where flammable liquids and gases are present, explosion protection technology in an NT setting must have the ability to withstand an explosion caused by high temperature, an electrical fault, or sparking contacts of devices. Control Logic can help any customer in any setting with an explosion prevention solution that keeps everyone and everything safe.

Explosion Protection Systems in NT from a World Leader

Control Logic has over 100,000 different products that span 17 different categories. We have everything from programmable logic controllers to variable speed drives and explosion protection systems. We work with a number of world-renowned companies to bring our customers the absolute best in quality and performance. In the explosion prevention category, for example, we supply our customers with solutions from Stahl, one of the world's most recognised names in the industry. The company is at the forefront of design and implementation of explosion protection technology. Stahl has over 80 years of experience in the industry and continues to provide outstanding quality products that protect people and ensure the safety of technology and the environment. Control Logic is proud to offer customers throughout Australia with Stahl products and solutions.

What Separates Control Logic from the Competition

Our reputation as a leader in our industry is very important. We provide the world's best technology solutions, but often that is not enough. Our customers desire something more, and we can provide it. Our services and our processes are certified, a strenuous ordeal that provides our customers with the peace of mind knowing that we take quality management seriously. Control Logic understands the value of a safe workplace and, as such, we are Health and Safety Management certified. We know that we have a commitment to the environment as well, and we have had our environmental management systems certified.

Customers also deal with true leaders in the industry when working with us. Our staff is comprised of a team of sales engineers that have several years with our company. Equipped with a substantial amount of product knowledge they can provide our customers with the appropriate technologies and solutions to meet specific needs. If you are looking for the best in an ignition protection system in NT, call Control Logic on 1800 557 705 or send us an email at