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Understanding When Explosion and Ignition Protection Systems Are Necessary in NSW

At Control Group, we sell a range of explosion protection technologies in NSW. These technologies are meant for industrial companies who have hazardous areas in their buildings or on their worksites. Certain hazardous materials are highly flammable or combustible, which means that they pose a significant risk for ignition. If your worksite or building has a spot that is legally classified as a hazardous area, then you are expected to safeguard that area with various explosion protection systems.

How Hazardous Areas Are Classified in Australia

Most countries have classification standards for hazardous areas as well as rules for how those areas need to be safeguarded. In Australia and New Zealand, a hazardous area is defined as an area 'in which an explosive atmosphere is present, or may be expected to be present, in quantities such as to require special precaution for the construction, installation and use of equipment.' The way this definition reads is somewhat vague, particularly in regards to the quantities of explosive materials that would necessitate ignition protection. However, most areas where explosive materials are present beyond limited trace levels would be legally classified as hazardous zones.

In other words, if your industrial operation works with flammable gases, liquids or vapours, or if you work with combustible dust or fibres, then the zones where those materials are present likely qualify as hazardous areas. To be safe, you are advised to install ignition protection systems anywhere in your NSW worksite or industrial building where flammable or combustible materials are present.

You might be surprised how many different materials can make a zone classifiable as a 'hazardous area.' Everything from the obvious (petrol in tanks) to the not so obvious (flour) can render a zone hazardous. Petrol is, of course, a highly flammable liquid, while flour is a combustible dust. If either is used or stored at your building or worksite in a significant quantity, then the zone in question is likely considered a hazardous area. The same goes for many other potentially explosive materials.

Building Compliant Explosion Protection Systems in NSW

If you have determined that your building or worksite includes one or more hazardous areas, you will need to set about making them compliant with national laws for safety. To help you accomplish this feat, Control Logic carries the technologies you will need to put together an explosion protection system in NSW. These products can take a variety of forms, from systems that monitor and control temperature and pressure to prevent combustible conditions to special explosion protected lighting.

As a licenced provider for R. STAHL, the global leading brand for explosion ignition protection systems, Control Group has one of the broadest product ranges for explosion protection in all of Australia. R. STAHL creates explosion prevention technologies suitable for virtually any industry where hazardous materials might be involved. In other words, no matter what type of combustible dust or flammable liquid you are dealing with, R. STAHL has a solution that can help manage it. From water treatment plants to food processors to chemical companies, R. STAHL has an explosion protection solution for any industrial enterprise.