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The Importance of Explosion Isolation; Control Logic Supplies Explosion Prevention Systems in NT

Fire and explosion can occur in areas where enough flammable material, oxygen, and ignition energy are present. An explosion depends on upon the mixture of the flammable material and oxygen. In industrial situations, there is the potential for disaster if that precise mixture is present. Control Logic is an Australian owned and operated company that is a leader in the supply of explosion prevention systems in NT and the rest of the country. Our company, founded in 1981, is recognised as a leading supplier of electrical, industrial, and automation products, solutions, and services in Australia. Explosion prevention and isolation is one of our specialities.

Why Explosion Prevention in NT Is Important

There are numerous situations where fire or explosion could occur. Large chemical plants surely have the potential for explosion as do small workshops or garages that may use hydrocarbons for spray painting or even cleaning purposes. Any hazardous area needs to have an explosion protection solution, and that is what Control Logic can provide. It is important to ensure the safety of employees and the working environment. Fires and explosions often lead to damages that can affect the functioning of local economies as well. If your operation has the potential for fire or explosion, it is in your best interest to contact an authority such as Control Logic to develop an explosion prevention system.

How Control Logic Can Help

As a leading supplier of industrial, electrical, and automation products, we have a product catalogue that is immense. Our customers have choices in the different product categories, including explosion isolation for NT operations. Our product catalogue contains explosion protection equipment from world leader, Stahl. The company has over 80 years of experience in explosion protection and covers all ignition protection classes for the protection of electrical equipment and systems. Stahl products are reliable and have a reputation for excellence. Customers can find a wide range of solutions from Stahl including explosion prevention that ranges from a fieldbus system to a connection box. Whatever your situation, Control Logic can help you find the best Stahl solution for you. Stahl and Control Logic are committed to the optimum solutions for our customers.

The Control Logic Staff

One of the big reasons for the growth of our company and our status as an industry leader is related to our outstanding staff. Our sales engineers have been with the company for many years. They have a wealth of experience across a variety of applications, including explosion prevention systems. Possessing substantial product knowledge, our staff members are able to offer a total solution that best suits your operation. We have successfully serviced thousands of customers from NT to QLD and elsewhere throughout the nation. Our customers include mining, gas, and electrical utilities, wholesalers, OEMs, engineering consultants, and many more. Regardless of the customer and the need, our staff will provide you with the personalised service that you deserve. We will continue that service as well by providing you with support after the sale. As important as our technology is, our people are what make the difference with their passion and dedication to our customers.

For more information about the best explosion prevention system for your NT business, call Control Logic on 1800 557 705 or send us an email at