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What Is an Explosion Suppression System and How Can I Find One in NSW?

What is an explosion protection system? What sort of applications does a system of this ilk perform? Which types of industrial operations need this type of system? How can your enterprise purchase a dependable explosion suppression system in NSW?

These questions are common ones among industrial companies—particularly ones that work with unstable materials. However, there is often a misunderstanding of what exactly explosion protection is or when it is necessary. This post will attempt to clarify those misunderstandings and provide you with the tools you need to select explosion suppression for your factory or worksite in NSW.

How Explosion Protection Works

The basic definition of 'explosion protection' is, more or less precisely what it sounds like: safeguards that are put in place to protect buildings, worksites and infrastructure from explosive events. The idea behind explosion suppression is to prevent the events or conditions that made lead to an internal or external explosion. By controlling factors like heat and pressure, an explosion suppression system is able to greatly diminish the risk of an explosion taking place—even in a hazardous or unstable environment.

In a publication covering "The Basics of Explosion Protection," R. STAHL looked at some of the factors that would qualify a building, worksite or piece of infrastructure as a hazardous location at risk for explosion. R. STAHL are industry leaders in the explosion protection industry and have designed most of the top explosion suppression products that are available on the market. According to R. STAHL, 'hazardous locations are defined as premises, buildings or parts thereof where fire or explosion hazards may exist due to the presence of flammable gases or vapours, flammable liquids, combustible dusts or easily ignitable fibres or flyings.'

Not all premises with such materials present are necessarily classified as hazardous locations. Rather, the quantity and concentration of these materials must be taken into account to determine a location's risk for an explosive event. Typically, government regulations offer a guide for the classification of hazardous locations.

Finding Explosion Suppression Systems in NSW

If your company operates a building or worksite wherein part or all of the location has a high concentration of unstable materials, you may need to install explosion suppression systems. Certainly, if your location has been classified as a hazardous area based on Australian standards, you need explosion protection equipment to help provide a safe and stable environment. The question is, how can you go about purchasing and installing an explosion suppression system in NSW?

Luckily, at Control Logic, we can help. Recently, we became a licenced supplier and provider for R. STAHL explosion suppression equipment in NSW. As mentioned above, R. STAHL is the leading brand for this type of equipment on a global scale. The brand's protective systems help to prevent explosive events in areas where flammable or combustible dusts, vapours, liquids or other substances are present in significant quantities.

To learn more about which explosion suppression systems or products might be best to keep your worksite or infrastructure safe, call Control Logic on 1800 557 705.