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Custom Explosion Suppression Systems Available in QLD

Seamless operations define your company, with every strategy crafted with the greatest of care and every process tailored to efficiency. You seek to create a productive (and proactive) environment, always striving toward quality. There are moments, however, that defy all planning - emergencies that undermine safety and productivity alike. These moments require immediate responses and custom explosion suppression systems in QLD.

Since 1981 Control Logic has served as the leading provider of industrial and commercial solutions - connecting companies to quality power supply systems, process sensors, automation systems, power distribution networks, and more. We believe that prevention begins with preparation, and we offer our clients the technology they need to take control of their work cultures. We now proudly offer explosion suppression products in QLD. The products - engineered by R. STAHL, noted electrical supplier - promise on-site protection.

On-site protection, we know, is crucial for our clients. They seek to enhance their environments - and an explosion suppression system in QLD can deliver the necessary support. It can also provide custom results, with our team offering access to a variety of R. STAHL options. Utilise these options to ensure superior strategies. To learn more contact us today at our Queensland offices:

Brisbane Office
Phone: 07-3623-1212

Townsville Office
Phone: 0447-314-884

Implementing Explosion Suppression Strategies in QLD

We believe that every client deserves a safe environment, and this is why we offer explosion suppression systems in QLD - allowing companies to enhance their response plans through quality products and technologies. We seek to accommodate every industry need, providing a diverse range of products. These products include:

  • Flameproof Audible Signals.
  • Flameproof Visual Signals.
  • Position Switches.
  • Optical Fibre Splice Cassettes (used in conjunction with fireproof control panels).
  • Enclosures and Cable Glands.
  • Terminal Boxes.

These products combine to build custom explosion suppression systems in QLD - with our clients relying on precise engineering and durable materials to combat emergencies.

They also rely on our experience. Our team boasts more than three decades of explosion suppression strategising in QLD, always seeking to help our clients choose the options that reflect their needs. Allow our team to provide you with this same service. We’ll happily answer any questions or concerns regarding our R. STAHL products, and we’ll guide you through every selection. We emphasise quality, efficiency, and the value of bespoke solutions.

Seeking Local Explosion Suppression System Support in QLD

Control Logic is Australian owned and operated. We proudly serve the Queensland region, offering our customers with the rapid responses they need. We can quickly identify local compliance demands, as well as accommodate industry-specific needs for every company. We understand the market because we work within it.

To learn more about our services - or to secure explosion suppression systems in QLD - contact us today. We’re always available to answer your questions:


Brisbane Office
25 Lavarack Ave. Eagle Farm QLD

Townsville Office
15 Mackley Street, Garbutt QLD