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Control Logic's Systems Help Prevent Industrial Disasters in SA with the Explosion Suppression System

When designing a new heavy operation from the ground up, it involves many different people examining many various factors. Where will the industrial site be, and what kinds of activities will it conduct? How can it incorporate the latest in technology to not only be safe and effective but a money maker, too? These are all questions asked and answered before and even during the initial early stages of construction.

One of the more important decisions you and your team will face concerns protection for employees and equipment. When working with materials that can ignite spontaneously in the presence of oxygen, extreme care is necessary. From isolating unsecured electrical systems to preventing explosive mixtures from forming, explosion suppression systems in SA are critical. Control Logic can aid your firm in finding the ideal systems for your application.

With decades of experience and a track record of satisfied customers, Control Logic understands the challenges facing your company as you move towards beginning operations. Avoiding a major disaster that forces a production shutdown is key. By using explosion suppression at your SA site, you can ensure that disaster remains avoidable. However, before trying to select a product for protection, it can help to understand exactly how these systems work before you commit to purchasing one. Let's break down the basics of operation to give you a broader view.

How exactly does explosion suppression in SA industry work?

Preventing the ignition and explosion of hazardous materials is essential during every step of the way. When machinery and industrial processes are highly automated, however, it requires a different approach altogether. Not only must there be ways to suppress an explosion immediately if conditions for one develop, but preventing that situation in the first place is a priority as well. Explosion suppression can occur in several ways, such as by suddenly flooding the problem area with an inert gas to neutralise the explosive mixture.

Prevention measures take several forms. From isolation panels which physically separate secure and insecure electrical units to I/O devices designed to be inherently safe and explosion proof, there are many options. Which one is best for your application depends on the setup and arrangement of your machinery. Control Logic's team can help you to find which explosion protection system is the best fit.

Consider migrating to the latest protection systems today

Knowing how these systems operate, the crucial need to have them in place and maintained in good working order should be obvious. Whether you only deal with a small amount of risk or conditions demand an advanced explosion protection system at your SA facility, Control Logic can help you find the ideal solutions. With a wealth of product knowledge and a team of sales associates ready to assist you at any time, your company will be in good hands. Choose us as your supplier and gain the advantage of a trusted name and access to quality leading brands. Call today on 1800 557 705 to begin the ordering process.