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Australia's Control Logic: Full Knowledge of GE Intelligent Platforms and Other Brands and Products in Tasmania and Adelaide

The goal of any product supplier shouldn't just be to push sales or gain a lot of clients. While both of those measures are barometers of success, they don't necessarily reflect how good a company is at what they do. At Control Logic, for instance, we believe what makes us a good company—and a company that customers and clients like to work with, time and time again—is that we bring full knowledge of our products and brands to the table.

When you work with Control Logic for automation equipment in Australia, you can rest assured that we aren't trying to sell you products that we have never used to learned anything about. On the contrary, what makes our sales staff so great is that they have learned our product catalogue backwards and forwards.

Getting to Know GE Intelligent Platforms in Australia

For instance, say you call us hoping to learn more about GE Intelligent Platforms in Adelaide or Tasmania. Intelligent Platforms is General Electric's branch for automation equipment, and they manufacture a range of PLCs, PACs, I/O modules, SCADA systems and more. A lesser company might just read you the product descriptions for these GE products—or worse, try to sell you something with no working knowledge of how it works or what it does.

At Control Logic, when you call us looking for products from GE Intelligent Platforms in Tasmania and Adelaide, you can rest assured that we are not one of those aforementioned 'lesser companies.'

Our sales engineers not only know the GE Intelligent Platforms catalogue backwards and forwards (descriptions, specs and all), but they also have real working knowledge of the products. They can tell you which specific PLC is best for a specific situation, or why GE's data management and analytics software is among the best on the market. And that knowledge not only gives our customers peace of mind that they are making the right decision, but has also helped Control Logic stick around for almost 25 years.

Our Sales Staff

Make no mistake, when it comes to hiring sales engineers, we always dig deep and seek out the very best people for the job. We don't want just another person who can sell stuff in these roles; rather, we want people who live and breathe the technology we sell, people who are passionate about these brands and products, and who can convey that passion to customers and clients in a helpful and informative way.

Bottom line, when you call Control Logic looking to learn more about GE Intelligent Platforms for your Adelaide or Tasmania company, you are going to get someone on the phone who truly knows what they are talking about. And when it comes to making a big purchase for automation equipment, that can make all the difference between a stellar shopping experience, and an experience fraught with frustration, indecisiveness and disappointment.