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HART-Multiplexer - Series 9192

HART-Multiplexer - Series 9192

Basic function: multiplexer for HART field devices, 32 channels.

The HART-Multiplexer type 9192 is used for digital connection of up to 32 HART-capable field devices, such as transmitters and regulating valves, to a PC. The PC communicates with the HART-Multiplexer via an RS 485 bus. The software Cornerstone, AMS, FDM, Fieldcare, PDM or PRM allows configuration and diagnostics of all connected HART-capable field devices, plus continuous documentation of the process variables and status.

*) Restrictions see table explosion protection

  • Compatible to Cornerstone, AMS, FDM, Fieldcare, PDM, PRM etc. and FDT application
  • CommDTM for integration into FDT tools
  • 32 HART channels per multiplexer
  • Up to 128 HART-Multiplexer on one PC interface
  • Up to 3968 HART field devices
  • Galvanic isolation between power supply, RS 485 bus and HART channels
  • For use up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508)

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