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Fibre Optics Fieldbus Isolating Repeater - Series 9186

Fibre Optics Fieldbus Isolating Repeater - Series 9186

The Fibre Optic Isolating Repeater is used to build-up fibre optic network structures in hazardous areas. It enables to transmit Profibus DP or Modbus signals over distances of up to 2 km or 1,2 miles. The optical interfaces are designed to be inherently safe (Ex op is). The protection scheme Ex op is allows to apply usual standardized industry connectors. The Zone 1 / Div. 2 version of the Fibre Optic Isolating Repeater offers an intrinsically safe RS-485 interface acc. to the standard RS-485 IS (PNO).

Critical levels of the received optical signal are detected by the integrated diagnostic function. The fault is indicated by LEDs on the front side of the device and in addition by a line fault contact. The contact is used to trigger a remote fault indication in the control room. The diagnostic function enables preventive maintenance and improves the availability of the plant.

  • Easy installation and mainetance due to:
    • Inherently safe optical interface
    • Intrinsically safe bus connection via RS-485 IS (PNO)
  • High availability due to:
    • Build-up of ring structures, redundant Point-to-Point, line structures
    • Integrated analysis of optical input signal
    • Error message if critical levels of input signal reached
  • Transmission of Profibus DP, Modbus, HART on RS-485, R. STAHL Servicebus
  • 9186/12
    • Installation in Zone 1 and Zone 2 possible
    • Fieldbus interface for intrinsically safe Profibus DP (PNO)
  • 9186/.5
    • Installation in Zone 2 possible

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