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Picking out Industrial Explosion Protection Equipment in NSW? Control Logic Can Help You Every Step of the Way

Adding industrial explosion protection to your building, infrastructure or worksite in NSW is a vital step to ensure that the area is safe. Explosion protection helps to control threats revolving around hazardous materials and the pressure levels, heat or electrical sparks that can ignite them and cause fires or explosions. A site that has a high concentration of such hazardous materials needs to be safeguarded with explosion protection not just to comply with national standards, but also to provide peace of mind to everyone working on the site.

Shopping with Control Logic

At Control Logic, we understand the gravity of making sure that you find the right explosion protection equipment in NSW. When a safety switch or a temperature controller and limiter could mean the difference between a safe industrial worksite and the death or engagement of employees, finding the right products is paramount. The decisions you make when shopping for explosion protection in NSW could be a matter of life and death, and when you work with Control Logic, we recognise that fact and give you the attention you deserve.

Our team of sales associates at Control Logic will look after you every step of the way as you work through our product catalogue to put together the optimal industrial explosion protection system. By listening to your needs, understanding the nature of your worksite, recognising the hazards of the site and assisting in product selection, our team can help you assemble an explosion protection system that will save lives and prevent costly damages.

Many of our sales engineers have been with our company for years and years. Their experience has given them a firm grasp of the industries we serve and comprehensive knowledge of the products we sell. The result is the kind of top-notch customer service that you need when you are shopping for a system that could save lives. Our team also provides ongoing post-sales support, so that you can call us for help if you have an issue with product installation or feel like the item you purchased is not performing up to your expectations.

Invest in Top of the Line Industrial Explosion Protection in NSW

Perhaps the best thing about shopping for explosion protection equipment from NSW's Control Logic is that we are now offering products from R. STAHL, the world's leading authority in explosion protection. In January 2016, we officially became licenced suppliers for R. STAHL's product catalogue in four Australian territories including New South Wales. R. STAHL has more than 80 years of experience in industrial explosion protection and a massive product selection to boot. Pair those factors with our 35 years of industry experience at Control Logic and you are sure to find the equipment you need by shopping with us.

Are you interested in learning more about Control Logic or our R. STAHL explosion protection products? Call us on 1800 557 705 to speak with one of our sales representatives.