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The Basics of Explosion Protection in NT; Control Logic Has Your Industrial Explosion Protection Equipment

The modern working environment can be a dangerous one. Protect your employees and your operation with quality explosion protection equipment in NT from Control Logic. Control Logic is an Australian owned and operated company that is one of the country's largest suppliers of industrial, electrical, and automation products, services, and solutions. Founded in 1981, we have built a strong reputation that is well known around the nation. We service thousands of customers across the country from electrical contractors to mining, gas, and electrical utilities. Our product line is extremely diverse with over 100,000 different products including those designed for industrial explosion protection.

What You Should Know about Explosion Protection in NT

In your operation, there may be any of a number of hazardous locations. These locations could be a single room inside of a building or an entire building. Essentially, any place where fire or explosion hazards exist is considered a hazardous location. The presences of flammable liquids, flammable gases, combustible dust particles, or fibres that can easily ignite make an area dangerous. Their presence alone does not make an area hazardous, but their concentration, as well as other factors including heat or an ignition source, must be considered. In any case, Control Logic can help your operation remain safe with high quality, reliable explosion protection equipment.

Control Logic Supplies Stahl Equipment

They are one of the world's leaders in explosion protection products, systems, and services. Stahl has over 80 years of experience in the industry. The company's products can help provide for the safety of your employees, your business, and the environment. Where the potential for explosion lies, the addition of solutions by Stahl prevents explosions. You can find Stahl industrial explosion protection in NT at Control Logic. We continue to provide the finest quality explosion prevention equipment in the market.

The Control Logic Difference

There is more to just supplying great technology and the best explosion protection equipment available. We can offer a personalised level of customer service and after sales support that wins over customers. Our staff is made up of over 40 product specialists who are passionate and dedicated to ensuring that our customers get the best in product solutions, troubleshooting advice, field service, and support after the sale. Our sales engineers have been with the company for decades and bring with them a wealth of experience. Along with that experience, our employees are committed to the mission of Control Logic. We have high standards when it comes to customer service, and that is what helps to separate us from our competitors. Control Logic will go to great lengths to find the right explosion protection solution that meets your needs, and then we will continue to support that solution and your business after the sale.

Contact Control Logic Today

For assistance and guidance from true leaders in the industry, contact Control Logic today. Whether it is explosion protection or power supply systems in NT or elsewhere in Australia, we have your solution. Call us today on 1800 557 705 or send us an email at