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Using Explosion Protection Equipment to Mitigate Industrial Sources of Ignition at Your QLD Location

You are well aware that explosions remain an ever-present hazard in industrial settings. Gaseous mixtures can contain combinations of carbon and hydrogen that take very little to become reactive and potentially explode. Liquids that contain hydrocarbons are also subject to setting ablaze and causing explosions, as are solids like flammable dusts which can stir up into the air forming explosive clouds. It is for these reasons that industrial explosion protection for QLD factories is so critical. But where to start? Control Logic, well known providers of explosion protection equipment in QLD, would like you to be aware of some of the ways in which explosions can be triggered, and why cutting edge methodology could be of benefit to you in protecting your facility.

How Ignition Begins

When working with technical equipment, there a number of ways in which things could go wrong and potentially start an explosion. The list might even surprise you.

Flames – It seems obvious, but why would there be flames that could trigger an explosion present? If you have any vehicles that make use of a combustion engine, small flames will be created during their operation, and these could set off a much larger explosion in the presence of the right materials.

Electricity – Again, it's something that we commonly have around, but don't always consider as a source of potential disaster. Most low energy devices will be exempt, but once a device hits a sufficient level of wattage, it can become a possible explosion hazard, and electricity can ignite flammable particles present in the air. Stray currents from something that is highly conductive could be enough to cause a reaction to begin, as is static electricity from high amounts of friction. Lightning, though it may be outside of our ability to control, can also provide the electrical spark that triggers an explosion.

Sparks from tools – Wherever there's grinding, cutting, and heavy clashing of metallic objects, explosions can be triggered. The sparks from when two tools or pieces of metal collide can ignite flammable materials and set it off. Great care should be taken around any heavy machinery or places where metal is worked.

As you can see, it doesn't have to be anything out of the ordinary that causes an explosion. Trigger sources can be found in everyday job site equipment, and as such explosion protection for your QLD facility is a must.

Where to Go for Explosion Protection Equipment in QLD

The answer is simple. Control Logic is a trusted provider of explosion protection equipment, and for good reason. We have more than 30 years of experience in operation, and we remain dedicated to providing the best equipment available to our clients. By stocking quality brands with superior value, we are able to give you peace of mind in knowing that you have received a reliable product that will last. If you've been on the lookout for products to bolster your explosion protection abilities, please feel free to contact us via email at, or give us a call on 1800 557 705.