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725 Series

Heavy duty 63.5mm diameter encoder

  • Standard Size 25 Package 63.5mm Diameter
  • Up to 30,000 PPR
  • Servo and Flange Mounting
  • IP65 Sealing Available
Model 725, (Formerly 730 & 735 Series) is specifically designed for the challenges of an industrial environment. But don't let its tough, industrial package fool you; it still has the performance to reach resolutions up to 30,000 pulses per revolution.

The Model 725 is available with both flange and servo mounting options. The rugged housing isolates the internal electronics from the shock and stress of the outer environment.

Common Applications

Motion Control Feedback, Conveyors, Elevator Controls, Machine Control, Food Processing, Process Control, Robotics, Material Handling, Textile Machines


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