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Piano PIC240.241C

DIN-Rail Power Supplies for 1-phase Systems
24V, 10A

These PIANO series units are extraordinarily compact, industrial grade power supplies that focus on the essential features required in today’s industrial applications. The excellent cost/performance ratio presents many new and exciting opportunities without compromising quality or reliability. The mechanically robust housing is made of a high-grade, reinforced molded material, which permits the units to be used in surrounding temperatures up to +70°C. Since typical industrial applications do not require multiple mains inputs, the reduction to a regional input voltage range (AC 200 240V) simplifies the circuitry and has significant advantages for reliability, efficiency and cost. The integrated DC-OK signal makes the unit suitable for many industry applications, such as process, automation and many other critical applications where preventive function monitoring can help to avoid long downtimes.



  • Cost optimized power supply without compromizing quality or reliability
  • 200-240V Regional input voltage, efficiency up to 91,4%
  • DC-OK relay contact included
  • Rugged housing made of a high-grade, reinforced molded material
  • Full output power between -10 and +55°C
  • Extraordinarily compact, width only 49mm











AC 200-240V  (± 10%)




Size (WxHxD)

49 x 124 x 124mm





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