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Piano PIRD20.241

Diode redundancy module
24V, 20A

The PIRD20.241 is a redundancy module, which can be used to build 1+1 and N+1 redundant systems. It is equipped with two input channels, which can be connected to power supplies with up to 10A output current and two outputs, which can carry nominal currents up to 20A. The module is suitable for power supplies with constant current overload behaviour as well as any kind of “hiccup” overload behaviour. 

The PIRD20.241 is the perfect solution to use in a redundant system, if the power supply itself is equipped with a DC-OK signal. 

Other interesting application for this redundancy module is to separate sensitive loads from non-sensitive loads. This avoids the distortion of the power quality for the sensitive loads which can cause controller failures.



  • Cost Effective Solution to Build Redundant Systems
  • Dual Input and Output
  • Two Diodes (Common Cathode)
  • DC 12-28V ±25% Wide-range Input
  • Full Power Between -40°C and +55°C
  • Width only 39mm
  • Large Screw Terminals
  • Easy Wiring: Distribution Terminal for Negative Pole Included









DC 12V-28V  (± 25%)



Size (WxHxD)

39 x 124 x 124mm





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